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Damaged Building by Fallen Tree After Wind Storm

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No one ever expects to be the victim of a natural disaster and require emergency roof repair services. Nevertheless, this happens all the time. Strong winds can comprise the integrity of your roof, even without the presence of hail and other harmful weather. Because winds don’t hit the surface of your roof evenly, edges, corners, and ridgelines are most susceptible to damage. This can lead to missing shingles, gutter problems, and leaks. Although most asphalt shingle installations are rated as being able to withstand winds up to 90 mph, damage to your roof can begin at around 50 mph. Mdw Roofing and Remodeling LLC can help you with roof wind damage repair in Kingwood, TX if you live in the area and need repairs to your roof. Wind damage repair services can include repairing certain sections or an entire roof overhaul. Give us a call at (832) 766-9994 to learn more!

Signs of Wind Damages

When the wind gets under a corner or a small piece of shingle, it can cause it to curl or rip off completely. These exposed areas can lead to leaks. Another danger of strong winds is roof lifting. While the roof may look fine at ground level, high winds coming up over the roof can create a suction effect that pulls the shingles upwards. This loosens the nails that are holding the shingles down. So how do you know if your home requires roof wind damage repair in Kingwood, TX? There are several ways to tell. Roof leaks are perhaps the strongest sign your roof has been damaged. Missing or curling shingles are another indication that the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Lifted shingles are a little more difficult to spot because they look fine from ground level. However, if your neighborhood has recently experienced strong winds, you might want to have a professional roofer come out and check for shingles. If lifting occurs, the sealant between each layer can break, increasing the likelihood of a leak.

Blown Off Roof Shingles

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