Asphalt Shingle Repair and Replacement

Construction Worker Installing Asphalt Shingles

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Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roof installation in the United States. Because they hold up in all types of weather, are cost-effective, and have a relatively long lifespan (about 20 years), they are found on most residential homes throughout the country. However, although this type of roofing can typically last 20 years, sometimes asphalt shingle repair is required for one or more areas of the roof. Asphalt shingle replacement is one of the most-received requests at Mdw Roofing and Remodeling LLC. Which is why we make sure to provide exceptional asphalt shingle repair in Kingwood, TX. Call (832) 766-9994 to learn more.

There are many things that can cause the need for asphalt shingle repair. The cause of the roof damage plays a role in the amount of time the project will take to complete. Tree limbs and debris are common causes of roof damage but can be avoided by trimming away any large tree branches that could snap due to tree decay or during harsh weather. Weather in general, including hail, wind, snow, ice, and extreme sunshine, can also impact the longevity of your roof’s asphalt shingles. Birds, animals, faulty gutters, and water drainage issues can all cause the need for asphalt shingle replacement as well. After our experts identify the cause behind the damage, we can rectify the issue have the homeowner take further steps (call a tree removal company, contact a pest control company, etc). Then, the asphalt shingle repair can begin.

Replace Roofing Damages

Our Kingwood, TX residential roofers will cut off the damaged tab of shingle with a utility knife or remove the entire piece. We will then slip a new shingle or tab into place and secure it under the shingle above with roofing nails. Once the compromised shingle has been replaced, we can apply a dab of roof cement to seal the shingles onto the roof. Though the process is pretty simple and straightforward, we wouldn’t recommend homeowners try to tackle this task on their own. There are just too many risks associated with roofing, and it’s best left to an expert. For a free estimate on your roofing repair needs, call Mdw Roofing and Remodeling LLC at (832) 766-9994. To avoid further damage, it’s best to address roofing issues as soon as they are noticed. No job is too big or small, so call us today for your asphalt shingle repair in Kingwood, TX, and let us help get your roof back into the condition it was meant to be.