How messy is window replacement?

window replacement

Getting new windows in a home

If you’re considering siding and window replacement for your home, there are many concerns and questions, including is it going to be loud and messy. With the answers we provide you in this article, we can hopefully answer those things as well as others. 

With siding and windows replacement, how does the contractor determine which to do first, or does it matter? That seems to be an ongoing debate among contractors and manufacturers when it comes to getting siding and window replacement. So, is it better to replace windows or siding first?

The majority of contractors prefer to do both at the same time; however, the majority of homeowners can’t afford both projects at the same time, which is understandable. If you were to do both at the same time, the contractor would do the window replacement first, so it would be safe to assume, if you need to choose one or the other first, window replacement is the winner. Why? 

Doing the window replacement first allows the windows to be precisely set with the insulation behind them and cap them off. What is the capping? That is the protective cover for the exterior frame that is otherwise exposed to the elements. 

What of you decide to do the siding first, would it hurt anything? It can, but you can be certain the contractor will do everything they can to prevent any damage. Later, when you decide to do the window replacement, capping them of can damage the siding unless the contractor removes the siding around the windows first. Or they may have to remove the capping and replace it once the siding is in place. 

The moisture barrier under the siding is another possible problem if the siding goes on first. When the window replacement job is done, again, the siding will need to be removed around the windows and the then reinstalled with the moisture barrier again.  These are all things that can cost you more money.

Should I replace all windows at once?

It is an expense, and understandable why a homeowner may have to do the  replacement windows and doors one window at a time. If any way possible, the best scenario is to have it done all at once, doors and window replacement, and if you’re getting siding, include that as well. Especially if your doors and windows are twenty years old or older. The benefits you expect from new door and window replacement won’t be noticed with single units. 

What is the best time of year to replace Windows?

Well, here in Texas, telling you do have your siding and window replacement done when the weather is good could be a hit or miss.  Even with the springtime unpredictability, that is the best time of the year to replace windows. The weather is warm, not too hot. Springtime you won’t have to be concerned with cold drafts either while all the windows are being replaced. 

How long does it take to replace one window?

Once you have agreed to terms with your contractor and sign the installation contract, the contractor will remeasure the windows and doors and place the order with the manufacturer. It typically takes four to six weeks for the doors and windows to arrive. They will usually be delivered to your home; then you should notify your contractor of the delivery and confirm your installation date. 

Some window replacement jobs are done by one person, but usually there are two or more. They will remove the old windows, insert the new windows. Using shims and expanding foam, they will level the windows and seal them with caulk and coil. 

The process per window is 30 to 45 minutes, and in most cases, the experienced, staff contractor can usually complete 15 windows a day. Factors that can affect this is the condition of the wood around the old windows, the size of the windows, and if the replacement windows without frame. 

The last step in window replacement is installing the cladding. This is what will give your windows a tight seal for weather protection. Cladding is not always included in replacement window jobs, so you’ll want to check your written estimate and inquire about the process if it isn’t listed.             

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What are the best replacement windows?

There are several brands of replacement windows, and like anything, they are the same but different. There are better quality brands and within each brand, they have different levels of quality. Three of the most popular brands for window replacement are: 

Andersen Windows

A well-known, established brand, Andersen Windows sell replacement windows and new construction windows that casement and double-hung window styles. They offer their superior windows in clad, composite argon, gas-fill glass, wood, and vinyl.  A high quality window offers a line of lower prices but still provide quality results with a comprehensive warranty with pricing starting around $280 for the 200 series before installation. A limited warranty is offered owner-to-owner, with 20 years for the glass and 10 years for non-glass parts, all transferable when a house is sold. 

Pella Windows

Another well-known name in replacement windows is Pella, and they too offer casement and double-hung styles in argon filled, aluminum, clad, wood, and vinyl. Pella windows are aesthetically pleasing, and well-built, customized windows are offered, along with a triple pane window that provide extraordinary energy efficiency. Lower cost than Anderson, starting at $150 per window before installation cost is added. A 10-year warranty that is transferable  for their energy-star rated windows. 

Preservation Windows

Not a well-known brand as the first two, but features a tackle and block balance, which is an upgraded feature that makes for a more durable replacement window that is easier to operate. These windows are standard with BetterView screens that allow more light compared to average window screens while still being energy efficient. These are one of the most expensive brands, starting at $800 per window before installation. 

Even with the best, highest rated energy efficient windows, you’ll still need replacement windows with blinds, and of course you want the best possible, but how do you go about getting the best blinds?  A few tips for you: 

First thing you need to realize, is that there is not standard size when it comes to windows, that is a longtime myth. So it is important to get the right size of each window, even if they are side-by-side and look exactly the same.  Average sizes for windows are: 

  • Double-Hung Windows are 36 inches and 72 inches long by 24 inches and 48 inches wide.
  • Picture Windows are sized between two fee tall and eight  feet tall with a width that can be range from two fee wide up to eight feet wide, typically in even numbers between those two. 

Getting the right measurement to each window will give you the best results for blinds that actually fit the window. Call (832) 766-9994 today for window replacement in Kingwood, TX.